The Codebreakers by David Khan

Codebreakers book, with a banana for scale

The size of this book is a warning against casual reading. To benefit from the staggering amount of information per page, I will be taking notes along the way and sharing them here.

Table of Contents:

  1. Chapter 1: One Day of Magic
  2. Chapter 2: The First 3,000 Years
  3. Chapter 3: The Rise of the West
  4. Chapter 4: On the Origin of a Species
  5. Chapter 5: The Era of the Black Chambers
  6. Chapter 6: The Contribution of the Dilettantes
  7. Chapter 7: Crises of the Union
  8. Chapter 8: The Professor, the Soldier, and the Man on Devil’s Island
  9. Chapter 9: Room 40
  10. Chapter 10&11: A War of Intercepts
  11. Chapter 12: Two Americans
  12. Chapter 13: Secrecy for Sale

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